Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just One More Day

The recent election has really had me thinking. The sacrifices that have been made, the compromises.. even the behind the scenes deals. All of the politics as usual. As a resident of the Chicago suburbs I have a deep seeded gut reflex to all things political. Of course they are all crooks.. I mean this is Chicago after all. I know, I know that is unfair but there you have it. So having the president elect spring from the Chicago political system is scary, downright scary. No matter that he seems a pretty decent man.. who rose to power on his own wits and abilities. I know I disagree with a lot of who he is and what he believes in but that's ok, he will be my president and will receive the respect from me, that the office deserves.

But with all of the drama ensuing, the excitement of having a black president.. the basic distrust of where he came from (Chicago politics), my basic ideological disagreements.. their is one thought that rings through my head.. Just One More Day!! I can't help but find tears in my eyes at the thought of his grandma dying one day, one mere day before he was elected. One moment too soon... oh I know many of us believe that she is with him, that her spirit will bring him comfort.. but still to loose that tangible touch on such a personal great day.

It makes me sad, yet it also forces me to think.. what am i waiting for? Am I going to let even one more moment pass without saying what needs to be said? Acting on dreams put on hold? Waiting for the right moment? I don't think so.. I may not have that one more day. I may loose that last moment. I mean there are no promises.. life isn't made that way. So what we must do is live fully with what we have. Be grateful for every moment that comes our way. Even the ones that leave you confused, angry, sad.. there is a place for them.. I just hope not a defining place.

So for me, I plan to take that One More Moment and live..

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