Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Just Love The Amazing Race

I can't help it I am totally adicted to the Amazing Race. I can not believe that when this show first came on I ignored it. Stuck up my nose, refused to fall for the reality show drivel. No I wanted to see people ACT!! I didn't want to see people humiliate themselves for their 15 minutes of fame. But one day my youngest came home, they had to watch the show, it was a geography assignment..

One show that is all it took!! I don't think I have missed an episode since. I was able to go back and watch all the reruns on the game show network.. yes I am that far gone. It is not just the show or the game or the relationships, although there are some fun dynamics there. Watching them interact as teams and with the other teams.

But the absolute best part.. is all of the places they go.. I want to go there, I want to see it.. I want to taste it.. They went go to the ends of the earth, they see the world.. my personal favorite was the one in Russia.. they stepped inside a church and one of the team members said lets just stop a moment and absorb this. I loved that..

Of course I don't just want to go on the show for the places they go although they are wondrous, I want to win prizes, I want to win a million bucks.. shoot I want to be kicked off and have to spend a month at a luxury location in seclusion. It all just sounds great to me.

Oh well, since I won't get to be on the show, I will get to enjoy it.. I want Dallas and his mom to win. Go figure

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