Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yes, I admit it, I too am a Twilight fan. It can't be helped Stephanie Meyers wrote a really good book. It draws you in with the promise of illicit love and impossible dreams. Of course originally it was directed towards the teenage girl crowd but as with all really good books it crossed barriers, moms read it, dads read it, boyfriends read it (well if they are smart the do) and so on and so forth.

Last night I went to the movie, it was excellent. They managed to stay true to the theme of the book without too much artistic license. Edward and Bella were sufficiently angst ridden, the Cullen's were appropriately sexy and compelling and the rest of the high school kids were perfectly normal which made them so stand out. I was impressed with so very much and only had a few moments where the characters just didn't quite work for me but I am sure by 2013 I will think they were perfectly cast.

Who I did adore though, was Jacob what a perfectly beautiful young man, girls forget Edward this boy is gonna only get yummier with age and I promise that is the last comment I will make on that subject.

In short, I do recommend that you go see the film, it tells a beautiful story and manages to cross generational and gender divides both.


  1. I agree... Jacob is the man...has had my heart from book 1.

  2. I'm a Twilight fan too.=) Im getting crazy over Edward's sweetness and love to Bella until the end of the saga.