Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should We Bail??

Having been watching the news recently, and seeing what is actually legitimate news I have been forced to think. Who else is going to expect us to bail them out? What other industry is going to flounder and fall? First the Financial industry, now the automobile and I heard that American Express has their hand out too.

When will it stop? When will these bastions of creed and incompetence stop and say hey we screwed up and we need to get serious? Why is it my fault that the Automobile industry steadfastly refused to see the writing on the wall? Refusing for an entire generation now to consider the need for serious alternative fuel cars? This has been in question since I was in high school (the 70's) and probably long before that when we the consumer were clueless. Not only is fossil fuel bad for the economy face it.. we dont own the majority of it. Then while they fed off the sense of false security in Americans they gleefully pocketed buckets full of personal profit. Few of them had pride in their craft, American cars were scoffed at? Buy American? not if you wanted good gas mileage or a quality car. Now they are off to Washington whining for money.. and they go in private jets? hello have we never heard of commercial airlines? Common sense seems to fly out the window and they want us, the taxpayer to bail them out? I hope our Congress serves us well and refuses this. In the long run will another bailout actually help anything?

As a single mom who has struggled to raise her kids on her own for 11 long years.. I find I resent the greed that runs rampant in the leaders of our Corporate world


  1. I hear you. Did you see the big auto GMs showed up in Wash yesterday...each in their own private jet? It's ridiculous! I had predicted that gas would sky rocket after the election and I see my wrong thinking. Gas got out of hand and HIGH due to greedy corporations with strong ties to the current administration. They earned enough money from raping us at the pump to be SET for life (well at least their lifetime!) Now they know they aren't going to get away with it under Obama, et al so prices are down. Who suffers? Us, the common folk. The auto makers are going to go bankrupt, many auto workers will lose their jobs, and then the trickle down effect into other jobs and walks of life.

    And the execs still live high off the hog and fly around in their fancy jets!

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  3. I say we absolutely should not bail these guys out. Let them go bankrupt and a better more efficient care company will take it's place and hire the unemployed workers. Just my two cents. :-)