Friday, November 7, 2008

Mircles are truly an Amazing Thing

As I stated in my earlier blog, I was sure today was to be my last with a roof over my head. Oh I knew I would survive and that eventually it would work out.. But today the miracles abound.

Obviously I received enough funds to make it through.. a gift from an unexpected source.

Then another friend mentioned the possibility of maybe knowing of a house I can move to

And Finally, an opportunity for a job from a parent of one of my son's friends..

God does work in mysterious ways.. and honestly I have been blessed.. and I am not sure why, it certainly isn't because I deserve it or earned it.

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  1. The question is not whether we deserve the good things that come our way. Good begets good. You certainly deserve it. How could we keep deserving these blessings we receive should be the question we all should be asking ourselves instead. At least, that is what I believe.

    We must keep on dreaming for that good. But we must believe in that dream which means we must first believe in ourselves and in what we could do. Then go for it.

    All the best!