Monday, November 17, 2008

So this Weekend We Watched Movies

For some reason TBS decided to show a weekend full of family featured movies.. We went from The Wizard of Oz, to Hook, to Yours Mine and Ours, to Goonies.. it was a fun time..

What I love is the movie Hook, I know it was supposed to be a bomb but really the statement it makes on parenting is fabulous. There are so many little things that get lost in there.. tonight I noticed the line that Maura said about how we only have a few years of our children's lives when they want us to come to their activities.. then the rest of the time we seem to be chasing them.. demanding they communicate.

I guess I sorta got lucky, for the most part they still allow me in their lives.. some more than others but enough that I feel that I am part of the daily lives of a bunch of beasties..

So today, I guess I did good

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