Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember that First Time

Remember that first sweet time?

That first sweet kiss.. @ Camp Arbolado on the rock
The first real boyfriend... who you were sort of dating when you kissed the other boy on the rock at Camp
The first time you rode your bike far away..
The first time your mom let you take the car out.. at night
The first moment when you realized you were really in love
That first moment when your child smiled at you

That first time you voted? It is amazing how some memories hold power over you. Each of the above memories are special to me.. yet today the one that holds my heart is that first visit to the election booth. Our polling place was held in a neighbors garage and I remember coming home early from school so I could be there when the doors opened. I remember the joy I felt when I dropped off my ballot turned and left. What an incredible rush! I was an adult, I had made my stand and my voice was heard!

As I have aged of course voting has become a little more ordinary, yet never quite.. never has it completely lost that feeling of power that sends chills down my spine. That single moment when my voice is shouting forth. I know many people may think that is a naive point of view.. there are so many things wrong with it all, but really there are so many things right!! and I, little ol me have the power to make a stand.

No, I dont have to wade through rivers, or dodge bullets, my gender has been voting my entire life and I don't have to cover my face to do it. There is no reward for going, just the incredible feeling of knowing that I have done something right and good and that I am part of something wonderful.

I hope you all take that moment today to vote.

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