Friday, November 7, 2008


Each day is a perpetual challenge.. today I am running a gauntlet and may or may not survive the challenge. Oh of course I will live that is not an issue but rather life gets tough, decisions are being made for me and I may stumble a bit.

See do to some crazy bad choices we live in a hotel room.. long story. Finances have been stretched to the limit of imagination and today.. well today they may cease to exist. It seems I live in constant fear a sword of Damocles constantly over my head.

To explain the knot of apprehension that floats within is impossible, words really can't even begin to describe my fear.. I rarely admit to either failure or mind numbing fear. For two reasons.. One, life goes on if we allow fear to paralyze us then nothing gets accomplished. We give too much power to the negative emotions that surround us and hope gets lost in the process. And failure.. well in the end if one survives one wins. So I go on, day by day.. step by step. But today fear is winning just a tad.

Be with me if you will, offer out your prayers, your energy whatever you may.. it will help me to survive today's ordeal. I thank you

***** a slight note****
I don't expect anyone to solve my problems I just needed to say them out loud


  1. You are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers gal. Just remember to hold your nose if the water gets too deep. =)

  2. I hope your situation improves. Each day brings with it new challenges and sometimes there are setbacks. Facing up to these and not giving up is a victory in itself. Positive thoughts can produce positive results.

    Take care!