Saturday, November 8, 2008

On Honest Heart

After my last two posts I was having trouble thinking of what I should write. Should I continue with what is going on? Keep those who showed concern up to date? Should I ignore what was going on and continue to write about everything but the elephant under the carpet? And then I read my comments, it is interesting what comes to mind when one reads the words of others.

I wrote in my blog that I was unworthy of such a miracle, and I am but in that vein aren't we all? We do not become worthy of God's grace, no we are blessed to receive it. It is a gift handed to us by God, not ours to deny nor to argue with. What we must do is accept it with grace, dignity and gratitude. I had forgotten that.

I often feel less worthy than others, that also is an interesting concept.. how does one become less worthy? If one is less worthy does that not mean then that others are more worthy? And are they? really? are we not all imperfect beings doing our best to live to our convictions.. follow our God or beliefs and struggle through the day to day? Then how could I be less worthy? Or if my humble heart went that way.. more worthy? The answer of course is that I can't none of us can. At best we can sit here astounded that God deemed any of us worthy at all.

Thank you all for your words of wisdom and support. I so often forget what has been given to me.. and more often than not need a kick in the pants to remind me.

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