Saturday, November 15, 2008

Those in Need

This morning I spent a few hours at the local food pantry, the lines were long and the stores were few.. it was a sad moment to see, in our down the local food pantry is a well supported scout troops, church groups even the local high school support it, raise funds and go on food drives. i know the local businesses give as much as they can. it is a well respected and well run facility.. and yet with the onset of winter and these trying times. it is suffering.

The lines are winding, the doors to our pantry are only open between 9-11on Sat and Wed mornings and yet today for the first time that I have ever seen, they had to turn people away. They just didn't have the food. It almost made me cry... and I know it had to have broke the hearts of those individuals who work that pantry week in and week out.. year after year. Good hearts, pure hearts who just want to make a difference.

So I am asking, this week when you are out grocery shopping buy an extra bag or two of non perishables. Canned goods, shampoo, diapers, pancake mix, cereal, hey cookies and treats.. it doesn't matter.. if every one did that and dropped it off at their local food pantry think how many more people they could help and if they did it every week.. wow that would be amazing.. If you don't have the time to do the shopping or just are unsure of what to buy... drop off a few dollars, if those same people all stopped by with a 20.. once again think how far that would stretch.

I know we are all biting the bullet, tightening our belts.. life is tough right now, but if we give and we give just a little more than we can afford in the end our hearts will be lighter our souls will shine just a bit brighter and if we make it a habit.. we can actually become better people.


  1. I have posted on my blog our family's Gift Giving Strategy for this year. Instead of a Grab Bag, for the adults, we are donating to charity. I've posted links for local and national charity donation pages at the top of my blog.

  2. I work for a commercial HVAC & Plumbing company. Each year, one of our general contractors has a food drive for the pantries. They send out notices to the subs asking them to collect can goods. We subs treat this as a "contest" to beat out the other subs. The general contractor sends out e-mails telling us how each sub is doing with their collections and a final e-mail telling us who collected the most. This can be done in any type of industry and it loads of fun.