Monday, November 10, 2008

Shauni's Blog Rules

I have to admit I am probably one of the quirkiest people I know. When I started writing blogs I created a list of rules and basically have followed them. Well except for one minor transgression I have remained pretty true to them. Today I was asked why and how I could write such depressing blogs and leave them posted when I was done. I thought long and hard about how to answer that and basically it goes back to my rules.. and I am a stern taskmaster.

So I decided to share Shauni's blog rules...

1. a blog is written from the heart at the computer.. pictures may be posted but words must come from the heart write then. An occasional pre written poem is allowed but in general even those must be written while at the computer.. off the cuff so to speak

2. any comments (and please I am ever needy and LOVE comments) must be respected and never removed

3. a blog once written no matter how depressing, intimate or embarrasing remains.. you wrote it for a reason.. keep it there

4. a blog a day is the goal.. but because that can be difficult use the occasional picture

5. book and movie reviews will eventually be part of the repertoire

6. there is no such thing as too much emotion, share of yourself.. don't hide them just because someone may be offended.

there may be more but these are rules set in stone.. not mere guidelines you can all picture me sitting her with some evil whip master standing at my back ready to flog me for failing in the rules.. as I said, I am an odd duck

1 comment:

  1. laughs at the whip Master image. you are a duck arent you.

    i like the rules you are right your writing from the heart and being able to look back and see where you were during a period of your life good bad or ugly can be a way to see how you have grown learned or maybe still need to learn.

    the best part for me was writing reguardless of what others may feel or react to. this is your blog your thoughts and your words feelings and dreams.

    if anyone wants to take offense to bad. i dont see a whip master standing behind them forcing them to read it. smiles giggles at that thought too

    ok maybe you need one more rule but since your a comment addict i doubt it. no writing a blod in the comment section ???? smiles laughs giggles and does the snoopy hysterics.

    ok well who said i wasnt an odd bird too.

    be well