Monday, November 3, 2008

Generationally Speaking

Finally, after years of debate, debacle and discussion we are on the verge of an historic election. Our time has come, our voices need to be heard.

What will we choose? A man who has spent his life in service, committed to his cause, attempting as best he could to make choices in the best interest of his country. A man who has been known to take on his own party because he knew they were wrong.

Or a man who has spent his adult life in service to his community, state and county. A man who has walked the path between racism and reality. A man has youth and idealism on his side. One who will definitely institute the change he is claiming to want to make.

It seems there are choices between two good men, but their visions are different. One appeals to our conservative side, walk cautiously and work from within and one who appeals to our radical side.. wants to upset the apple cart. The main factor here is the ideological differences. These have been formed by the experiences of a lifetime.

In the end does it matter? just VOTE.. have your voice be heard

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