Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turn Back Tuesday

Recently on FaceBook there was a page created called.. You know you grew up in Whittier, if.... The page was opened and exploded within minutes by the end of the day it had well over 500 posts and just kept growing from there. People want to touch on their history. They want to remember the good old days or rather the days when the possible seemed impossible and yet they made it through. Was it better back then, probably not. Oh if you were a kid then of course it was, you didn't have to worry about real life issues. But in general probably not.. adults worried kids played..

But there are so many fantastic memories.. With my youngest coming closer and closer to graduation it of course brings back such memories for me. Of course back in the day, we had no clue what we were doing. There were no seminars for parents.. there were no explanations of fasfa? I am not sure there was even a fasfa. Of course I do know that while we were considered adults and our parents had no say in our education.. the government took into account how much their house and car was worth as well as their income, while deciding what you were qualified for. Thank goodness fasfa has changed just a bit. I remember all the schools I wanted to go to and then listening to my parents about what was best... why don't my kids do that?

At Whittier Christian we took football very seriously so at this time back in the fall of 1979 we were in the throws of football season. Not yet realizing what a special year it was going to be. Shoot, we hadn't even seen Scotty Varco, the drum major, dressed up as Darth Vador or Dave Carr, the tuba player, all decked out in a pink tutu.. None of that had happened yet. We were just settling in, Senior year with all it's moments was just beginning.. 

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