Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginning Over

It has been so long since I posted a blog, I am going to once again consider this beginning over. There is so much to say and so little time spent on saying it. I am not sure of the direction of this particular blog.. I am thinking to keep it at my rambling best.. just a catchall of things I think and feel..d

I have already committed to writing my Juggling Teens blog on a regular basis and plan on getting back to my Shauni's Dreams that come.. Along with that I think I am going to work on a blog about my faith.. A day to day journal on my walk with Jesus.. I am not good at that.. I tend to hide my light.. keep it a a low flame hidden with in the recess of my self.. I think it is time to light the bonfire and let my light SHINE!!

I also have one more blog I am considering.. this one will be a step towards insanity.. I am going to start a blog strictly for reviewing and discussing the books I love.. I have some friends who are going to work with me and get this show on the road.. Initially, we will be working with blogspot because it just makes sense to use it to get it on it's feet.. but eventually... well again.. we shall see..

My life has never lacked ideas.. but focus and direction. I am hoping that with some prayer (ok, lots and lots of prayer) God will provide both the focus and the direction.

Oh yeah.. I am gonna be playing with the new website stuff but am not sure what I am doing so bare with me for a bit...

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