Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Joys of Nieces

I have two of the most amazing nieces! Complete and total sources of pride. They are a constant joy to me and always make me smile!

Due to the insanity of my life I have not always been able to be the fantastic, always there ready with a present Aunt. Nope, for the most part I am a voice on the phone or an email.

Thanks to email, I have been able to connect with my older niece (from now on referred to as Daisy)as she is almost 10 and has her own account now. We usually just send little one line communications but they certainly brighten my day.

Recently in one of our emails, Daisy informed me that both she and her sister (now to be referred to as Rose) both have American Girl Dolls. Now when my girls were younger their dolls had immense wardrobes mostly due to my sewing abilities.. I often made clothes for their friends and sold some of my fancier pieces. For a while it was all the rage for the my daughter's friend's dolls to have velvet capes.. all made and designed by me. So.. while talking with Daisy, I offered to make both Daisy and Rose's dolls a cape. I just needed to know what colors they wanted.

According to my sister, their conversation went something like this..

Daisy, "Rose, Auntie Shauni is going to make our dolls capes, we just need to tell her what color. I am going to have blue and silver. What color do you want?"

Rose, "Are you sure Auntie Shauni can make these?"

Daisy, "Of course she can. She made them for Word Girl and Blond Girl and all their friends!"

Rose, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

My sister was quite offended for me. Insulted that Rose dared to question my sewing abilities.. Honestly.. It just made me giggle.. Gotta love a girl who has the sense to question when something seems too good to be true!!

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