Friday, October 21, 2011

A Pleasant Conversation

I talked to my mom tonight, it was amazing we spoke for almost two hours, told stories, discussed books, talked about family and it did not end in me either hanging up mid sentence cuz I was just so angry (ok, the way I hang up on my mom is to say.. I have to go now and then hang up the phone but in my head I am slamming the phone down!) OR after a brief polite conversation I seethe about it for weeks.

So to have a pleasant conversation is a rare treat...  Most people love my mom, well I love her too but we are just so different and see things from just different perspectives on well, EVERYTHING.. and being that I am the kid.. most conversations end badly. Of course this entire thing was brought on by that article on Bodice Rippers that claims an avid reader is someone who reads 9 books a year. Since my mother is the person in my life that gave me my great love of books I knew she would understand my apall!!

So we talked, we chatted, we discussed and the very best part is.... I got my phone call quota in for the next three months! *giggles* not really.. She did say she would post flyers for  Bodice Rippers at her sales. So that is cool.. free advertising!!

I appreciate my mom's organized mind.. it is so interesting to see how 2+2 always equals 4 in her world. Wonder what that would be like?

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