Friday, October 7, 2011

The Death of Steve Jobs

It is amazing what one man can do. In an age that still held some innocence Steve Jobs called the president of HP and asked for some spare parts.. and a dynasty was born! Yes that is an extreme summation of this incredible story but when you cut out all the fat there you have it.

Steve Jobs had a wonderfully creative brain, a fluid mind and was willing to think in not outside the box.. but rather he re created the box. What would our lives be without his input? Would Microsoft have happened? Would we still be using some interesting form of lotus? Oh my wouldn't that be fun?

I remember when my parents got their first home computer, yes the apple II, oh my what a monstrosity that was. But it was a huge improvement on the computer my friend had in her basement.. Yes she had this COMPUTER.. that's right floor to ceiling across the entire wall and they only had that because her dad was in the business.. No way would she have even considered using it. Suddenly, computers were in the home.. That first time we dialed into the library of congress via modem.. or chatted with a friend.. yes we actually chatted via modem the first time we played on that computer.. Of course it was soon outdated and newer and better models were made but without that first step..

Remember when you first heard the word mp3 player? Did you have a clue what it was? Not really, it wasn't until you discovered iPod that suddenly wow!! this was such a cool thing. Was iPod the first mp3 player? I really don't know.. I am not sure if it was even the best... but it was the easiest and in the end, easy trumps everything..

iPhone anyone? oh how about a nice iPad? Do you realize that India is working on a 35.00 tablet to offer to people in the poverty level.. so that they might have contact with the web... would that have happened without the iPad? and would the iPad had happened without Steve Jobs?

Maybe it would have.. who knows? But how many people have the guts to call a CEO of a major corporation and ask for spare parts? Better yet, how many of today's CEO's would even take the call, let alone send out the parts?

RIP Steve, you made a difference.. would that we all could say the same

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