Sunday, October 30, 2011

Did You Catch That Game?

As I may have stated a time or two.. I LOVE College football and yesterday to be enjoying the game..

Three undefeated teams went crashing, loosing any chance of a national championship. Penn state and University of Illinois played an historical game during an October Snow.. and that wasn't the historical part. Joe Paterno has won 409 college games.. WOW!! Can you imagine how long he must have been coaching and in the same position.. The man is 84 years old. In this age of ageism and quick turnovers it is amazing that Joe Paterno is even still working, let alone being appreciated! And now he shows us all just why.. He has a job that he loves.. he has people who admire and respect him, he is truly one lucky man..

At the end of the day was the best game of all. Stanford, at the top of the leader board safely ensconced at number 4 in the national rankings had until last night been undefeated... Along comes USC, a team that has been nationally ranked over and over and over again. Although, Stanford has beaten them the past couple of years.. This year USC was out for blood, in their last year of sanctions they had nothing to loose. No chance at the PAC 12 championship let alone the National Championship. This Game WAS their national championship! And they came to win...

Taking off to an early lead.. and honestly as late as teh early 4th quarter I was sure Stanford was TOAST.. but then Luck was with Stanford. I know people are getting tired of that statement.. But Andrew Luck showed the world just what he was made of. Can we say number 1 draft choice? Tying the game with seconds, yes that's right seconds to go.. Stanford went on to beat USC in triple overtime!!

What an amazing game!! Let me tell you if you love football and missed this game.. you missed a great game..

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