Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Frustration! and More Frustration!

I don't have a car so I tend to use a lot of cabs. Over the years I have tried out all of the local cab services and for the most part I find that Flash Cab/303 Taxi has the best service.. Both in arrival time and driver service. That being said... I have had a few annoying incidents. Today was one of those days.

My cab driver showed up and of course wanted to put my coordinates into his GPS.. great idea!! Except I was basically going around the block.. maybe a mile or two combined.. he didn't need GPS.. I would give him directions.. Ok, sure no problem.. EXCEPT.. why bother asking for directions when you aren't going to take them...

Here is how my trip went...

1. I have a parking lot with only one entrance, the best way to get out is to go back the way you came in. Yes you can go around the building but hey that is .20 cents.. In this case it was .40, that tells me he is running a hot meter so my entire trip is going to cost more than usual.

2. The parking lot that we turn into is really really weird and requires an entrance at an odd place. Which I explain in detail.. even to the point of saying.. see that green street sign going into the parking lot? See where that car is turning? Of course he didn't want to actually turn there.. wanted to go AROUND the block. Heck NO this is a cab.. every turn of the wheels costs..

3. Upon arriving at the grocery store, he pulled up and blew a stop sign, then stopped the cab in a crosswalk.. When I told him that I would be right back he turned off his engine.. IN A FREAKIN CROSSWALK. I had to tell him to move up!!

4. Upon leaving, his trusty GPS chirped up and told him to make a left turn at a street (the wrong street but a street) considering the fact that I had said we were returning to the original pick up location he should have realized he would not have to turn.. BUT he didn't not only did he go to turn he tried to turn RIGHT!! Which means hello? wrong way!! I caught it but still..

It's not that GPS doesn't have it's uses, but there are times when it is just plain WRONG.. and when a customer gives you specific directions listen to them. I always try to smile, say please and thank you, use a cheerful voice.. and I apologize if I get crabby...

That was Frustration #1, #2 is worse

Since I don't have a credit or debit card at this moment.. I use prepaid cards on occasion. This was the first time I used a pre paid card on the internet instead of using Pita Boy's debit card.. I didn't register the card.. grrrr and that caused an entire host of errors..

1.Amtrak, denied the card because the zip code wasn't the same as what was on the card... I was sure Amtrak was wrong so I tried FIVE times, yes I am persistant!!

2. It finally dawned on me to see what I was doing wrong so I called the credit card!! The money of course had already been taken out.. so now my money was in billing limbo.

3. Call back to Amtrak to see if they can figure something out.. NOPE.

4. Call back to the CC company and was told, too bad so sad, the money will be reimbursed in 3-5 business days.. WHAT!! 3-5 business days? Now we all know that means FIVE business days no way are they going to give me my money back before then!! So next Wednesday I should see the money show up on my card!! Yep that's right a week from today.

5. Call Amtrak again... I tried to see if they could figure out a way to apply the limbo money to the ticket.. nope, no such transactions exist.. So now I get to start all over again.. Next time, I am just gonna deal with Pita Boy and use his stupid card!!

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