Friday, October 14, 2011

Life Goes On

Does it ever amaze you that no matter how integral you are to something that if you step away from it.. Life goes on just fine without you? That in the grand scheme of things you are not all that important, after all?

I have been working on our new blogsite  Bodice Rippers I had been the one to create the site. Make sure it had a daily quote, at least one blog a day, the entire layout.. I kept telling my partners that we were partners but yeah in my head this was my baby... well.. real life struck and I had to let go. You know what.. the site did not crash! Posts were made, a daily quotes was given, new followers registered.. yep every thing was smooth sailing.

The question I have to ask myself.. Was this a good thing? For the blogsite of course it is.. to know this early on that if one person stepped away the others could handle everything. No way should any one person become so important that it would crash without them. BUT from an ego thing.. well come on.. this was my baby.. and just like any mom, it matures and poof.. mom gets pushed aside for the new hipper kids..

Yes my ego was trampled just a bit and yes I had a very hard time letting go but to know that our site is starting to grow and flourish was well worth the lesson. It is like watching your child ride his two wheeler for the first time.. you know he is taking those first steps away from you but you have many years left. I am excited as all get out to see what is happening and how it is already growing.

Can't wait to see what happens next..

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