Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox

Why is it the plight of this girl has so captured the world? Why is it, I find myself overjoyed for her family and yet still oddly worried that she may have gotten away with murder, literally?

I am oddly confused.. as a mother I have to think her parents have to be on their knees, eternally grateful to bring their baby home. To know that their child is safe and home. I don't know that I would ever allow her out of my site again..

As an American, I was happy to see the Italian Court work to right the wrongs that had occurred. Oh not the wrongs of who did what but rather the total and irrevocable lack of due process and a fair trial.

As a tv watcher, well I am all astounded that DNA isn't the miracle cure.. you know the answer to every crime.. available imediately upon request. No lengthy waits...

And yet, I look at this mess and cry for the victim.. Meredith Kercher lays ignored.. her senseless death never  avenged.. Alone in a cold grave.. her parents needing to know.. deserving to know. Her brother, her family all oddly dysfunctional.. waiting and hoping.. an eternal turn on the nightmare merry go round... I hope Meredith is remembered. I hope her family is remembered..I hope justice prevails and this family can allow their child to rest.

Then and only then will I be satisfied.. Amanda Knox got a reprieve because people made mistakes.. Let's hope those mistakes lead to the right end..

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