Sunday, October 9, 2011

That's Just the Way it Was

Do you ever hear the phrase "That's just the way it was" and want to respond yeah, but it doesn't make it right?

As a student of history, I firmly comprehend that the way things were was not always perceived as bad. That what we would find as totally abhorrent behavior was pretty much considered the norm. I can even accept that it was and how we as a culture benefited from it. When one is generations removed, the cold clinical acceptance is easy.

But when something happened in your lifetime, when something happened was just the way it was... back when you can remember it seems to change all the dynamics. At least it does for me. I recently read an article about  Darrell Brown an amazing man who managed to live with dignity and grace and remain true his convictions in the worst of circumstances.

Darrell Brown was the first African-American man who attempted to play for the Univ of Arkansas. This story sent me into tears.. rolling down my face. I am fortunate that I was raised by a woman who never recognized racism.. I never understood it and can honestly say that it has never played a part in the choices or friends I have had in my life.

I can say this as a white woman who has never had to face racism in any way shape or form. I can say and mean that the color of your skin means nothing to me. BUT.. I also understand that I was never blocked from something because of the color of my skin, never refused admittance, never watched my parents denigrated or insulted.. never saw my parents defeated, never watched my brothers refused or turned away.. So yes, while I can honestly say I am color blind I do understand that there are those who aren't. That almost can't be.. That is why this article affected me so very much. Darrell Brown rose above so much and became an amazing man.. Someone I would love to meet. Someone I would wish my children could emulate.

I watched the Univ of AR/Auburn game hoping against hope that ESPN would show this amazing half time acknowledgement.. They didn't. Shame on you ESPN!!

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