Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Football Season!!

It's my favorite time of the year!! I love football!! While I am not crazy about Pro Ball.. I love watching college ball. There is just something so cool about these young men playing the game because they love it! At this point it is about talent, skill and love of the game! Oh sure some are already jaded and feel entitled but there are so many more who just play...

I can easily spend an entire Saturday watching games and my Saturday night isn't complete without watching College Football Final on ESPN.. I am so bad I have 6 teams I watch on yahoo.. so they can just pop those scores up!!

This year, I am following USC (DUH), Oregon, Stanford, Wyoming, Boise State and Northern Illinois. I would follow Western Illinois as well but it plays football in 2A so yahoo doesn't offer it.. But that's ok, it's still fun.. A good day is when most of the teams win.. a GREAT day is when all of them do.. Of course it is hard since WY and Boise State play in the same division (fyi, I love Boise state but Blond Girl is thinking about going to WY so I have to cheer for them) and of course the USC, Oregon and Stanford are all in the PAC 12..

I also love the rare games that actually show the marching bands.. I remember when I was a kid and USC and Ohio State were in the Rose Bowl and my Dad.. THE HUGE SPORTS FAN... was just as excited about the bands. He said these were two of the best Marching Bands in the country and the half time show should be spectacular! What a great thing.. I was taught early on the importance of the players not on the football team. I am sure, he would have acknowledged the cheerleaders as well if they had evolved to the same level they have today. I guess I was lucky, I was raised by a man who honestly had a love of the game..

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