Friday, October 28, 2011

Hard Lessons Learned, Again and Again

Be prepared this is a Rant in the truest form.. I am angry.. really really ANGRY.. If you read my blogs at all you know that along with two of my friends I have started a book review site..Bodice Rippers. We are really really proud of it and have been getting an awesome response..

A Couple of authors have agreed to our interview requests and have complimented us on the site. We have been having book reviews, discussions and yes even disagreements.. Today I found out that one of our staunchest supporters was gleefully slipping the knife in.. She didn't like our choice of reads.. didn't enjoy the books.. which seriously, there are plenty of books I don't like that people have recommended to me. I either read them or don't. If I do, I generally keep my mouth shut and don't tell them what I disliked about it.. usually I will find something positive and elaborate on that.. But even bad mouthing a series is really no skin off my nose.. (ok, yes I take it personally but I know that is on me...)

Today, I read a comment that not only insulted the books, the author and everything about them but my site.. the one I am nurturing so very carefully.. and that just made me blow a gasket!! It hurt.. yes I admit I lashed out.. I responded with a pithy post.. that I then deleted. too late as it is because all posts get email notifications so the people who read them will know.. I shouldn't have.. I should have taken the high road. My behavior was unprofessional.. I was just so very hurt...

Oh well, lesson learned.. watch your back.. but don't let it slow you down.. look towards the horizon and keep going!!


  1. I'm certain I'm a part of the reason behind your rant although I don't understand it.

    My comments were never negative or mean. I am frankly stunned that you would accuse me of being insulting when you have had your share of belittling comments on my behalf. This is very sad.

  2. Let it go.. I am gonna take a do over.. I hurt.. deeply.. I am feeling very broken right now.. can't explain it and maybe saw something that wasn't there.. ok, probably.. I am shattered.. can't explain it.. taking time off of CF.. so I don't entirely ruin BR's rep