Monday, October 10, 2011

A Lesson Learned or Rather Learning

Do you ever go to a website and really like it? Spend some time there? Maybe even join it? Interact on it? Get so comfortable that you start making suggestions as to what they could do to make it better? I have..

I always think I am being helpful, that if they don't like the suggestion they can ignore it.. usually it is one where I feel comfortable or am a member in longstanding. They say they welcome all suggestions.. Well let me tell you they don't.

I have been working hard on creating  Bodice Rippers along with my two partners and believe me... I have said many times, I appreciate all the suggestions.. Yeah RIGHT!!! Last night I learned just how much I appreciated them when one of their suggestions countered my idea. It didn't help that they were right..

After days of focusing on creating this page.. Hours of exhaustion while learning basic and I mean very basic HTML.. so I can make little changes to my page (it is a blogsite template after all). Suddenly my partners think I am the expert.. *facepalm* yeah.. that's right, me the expert!! They keep coming up with these little tweaks that are wonderful.. fantastic.. and I am at that loopy stage where I either laugh myself silly or snap at them. Like I said, it doesn't help that they are usually right..

So, I have learned.. whenever I am a mere member or participant.. I am gonna sit back and attempt not to take charge.. anyone believe me?

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