Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why I Blog

I was doing the entrecard blog drop thing today and I noticed an interesting blog. Ok to all the rest of you, I noticed lots of interesting blogs but today I am going to write about this one. Or my variation of it.

Why I Blog.

1. I blog because it is a great way for me to express myself. A place where the words that hide inside me manage to escape. They wrap around me and twist and turn with no where to go finally I have found an outlet and yes an audience. I love that there are those who have chosen to follow this blog who seem to think maybe just maybe I may have something to say.

2. I blog because it offers me a way to vent stress. When life is about to explode I can come here and just type. Whatever, rarely about what is causing me stress but still the randomness of just blogging helps the steam escape.

3. I don't blog for money, I admit at first I was excited I was earning money from adsense and it was a high but then adsense decided that I was a threat to their advertisers and pulled me. Now that was a farce, me a single mom of four children with limited means a threat to their advertisers. Oh well...

4. I don't blog for fame, although that would be cool. Can you imagine being one of those that is found so interesting that it snowballs into fame and fortune?? ok it is a fantasy but still I admit it would be cool. Even if it is not why I blog.

5. I blog for self expression and yet I fail to post my poems and stories so guess what folks... you are soon going to be inundated with them. Self expression what a concept..

6. I blog for the sense of community, I am one of those who thrives off the energy of others and this community of bloggers is pretty amazing. I appreciate the effort and time put in by so many and I have learned so many new things. Some of the arts and crafts blogs astound, the travel blogs make me yearn, the parenting blogs make me laugh, cry or pull my hair out.

Honestly this journey is a fascinating one and I find I get so much out of blogging then just putting the words to paper.


  1. Looking forward to your poems ☺

  2. I blog for the same reasons, and it is so much more rewarding than just writing the words in a journal or diary. You should definitely post your poems and stories:)
    Take care

  3. I blog for comments....I love to hear from people reading my blog.

    I like the points you have made but I think you missed "feedback" from readers