Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whoo Hoo it's Bowl Season

I love bowl season, I adore bowl season one could almost say I live for bowl season... Not that I think it is an accurate way to claim a National Champion but the games are so much fun. To watch some of the best that college has to offer play the game, they still maintain some of that love of the game.. Some are actually playing because they like it. The rules are more defined and it is just better sport.

I could go on and on about who what where when and why... but so far...

TCU won the poinsettia bowl........ great team, awesome defense and amazing speed

Notre Dame won the Hawaii bowl... now that just plain surprised me Notre Dame has been in what the genteel would call a slump.. those of us of less pristine character would say well.. they suck... I was surprised that they even got into a bowl and that they won? oh well, it just goes to show, I don't know everything.

Fla Atlantic beat Central Michigan in a nail biter in the Motor City bowl.. a good game although having family and friends going through MAC schools I always route for the MAC team.

Tomorrows games prove to be just as fun.. West Virginia? always good for a great game.. Wisconsin against Florida State? oh that should be fun go badgers

and of course Cal against Miami... whoo hoo go BEARS!!!

Sundays game?... oh go Northern of course (another MAC team) and we know folks who will be marching in the band.. I may even know a cheerleader hmmm, I am going to have to find out..

There will be more to come.. and for those of you keeping tabs I am not anti Florida, I am routing for them to win the big one.. go Gators... (but that is for another blog)


  1. I haven't followed college games lately. Right now, hubby and I are watching the NFL games.

    I like your Christmas decor. Very beautiful.

    Thanks for dropping me an Entrecard.

    Happy New Year!