Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What happens when one party is given control of the entire system? chaos! it happened when the republicans gained total and complete control of congress in 2004 but in another sense and in some ways much worse ways it happened when the democrats gained control of the Governership and Congress of the state of Illinois. Unfortunately we as Americans have refused to comprehend one simple fact we need balance. We need elected officials who believe in serving the people of this country not themselves and are willing to work with others who disagree on not the service but the way the service is to be acted out.

The greed and avarice of our elected officials shames me and should shame every single person in this country old enough to vote. The current events happening here in Illinois is a classic example Governor
Blagojevich has been under investigation for three years and his behavior was questionable before that. and what do we the proud citizens of Illinois do? We vote him in to a second term. The man has questionable ethics and because he is a position of power and the senate and congress both hold a majority of Democrats his behavior has been accepted, considered perfectly fine. This is no different than what happened in our nations capital, yes it was the the Republicans that time but really.. one must think of Machevilli at times like this, power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We have a system of checks and balances for a reason, to ignore this fact and let ourselves be steamrolled is a crime. One we perpetuate upon ourselves stand up all vote.. and now that the time for voting is over start writing letters.. we have the interent we don't even have to pay for a stamp anymore. Let your elected officials know where you stand, what their job is and make sure they know that your vote is on the line. If enough of us make the statement, if enough of us say enough.. then maybe they will get the picture. There is no excuse for this behavior and We, the People could have avoided it. Time to roll up your sleeves and start making demands..

I know I have them.. look out I will be watching you.. each and every one of you owes your job to me.. and I am going to be paying attention. Both here in Illinois and in the Nationaly forum. Initially I thought of listing my direct reps but then I realized that the speaker of the House is responsible to me, the senate Whip.. all of them not just those who I have the power to vote for. But beware those specail few will be getting my extra attention. Watch for my letters be ready to answer my questions, I am your worst nightmare a concerned citizen who believes in the power of the Constitution.

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  1. Our state is in such a world of hurt! I hope he resigns!