Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Trip To The Past

I have a rather interesting family full of great stories and a fun past. I can go person by person and tell something interesting about each and every one of them back as far as I know. It makes me think sometimes why is it that our family is so much more interesting than others? Well the truth is, we aren't. It is just that sometimes we still tell the stories. Dream the dreams...

I honestly believe that with the advent of Movies and TV we lost something. Now do not get me wrong, I love both of these things but we lost our family story tellers. We lost interest in what went on before in our own families. Everyone of us has a great past, a unique and full tapestry that we are part of. Yet we don't tell the stories, we don't pass them on and we rarely write them down. And then they are lost. This brings me great pain. In my family we have lost two entire generations that were filled with amazing stories and the next is going soon (well i hope not too soon). My point is if I can't get someone to write down these stories, record them then they too will be lost.

Yes I know that someone could be me but I don't reach all of them anymore... I have limited contact with many. So others of my generation need to help out please. Honestly I would love to have a book of family legends.. That would be so amazing. Detail all those fabulous and wonderful stories that we have heard all of our lives.

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  1. I agree with this to some extent. I wish I knew more about my grandparents lives but now they have all passed away. I've tried doing research but those are just facts. I'd like to know how they felt, what they thought, what their favorite memories were, etc.