Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas and How Prepared am I?

So I looked at the calendar today and noticed the date.. wow where did the year go? Christmas is a mere week away and i have done nothing.

Every year I promise myself that I am going to take time throughout the year and purchase what is needed or wanted for Christmas and every year I fail. For two reasons, first because I get so darned excited that when I can purchase a gift I give it to them right away and secondly from September through January I am broke. Every year no matter what it seems the second half of the year kills me. I am not sure why and really it doesn't matter because there you have it.

This year will be especially hard, with the astronomical rates I have paid to live in the luxury we are living in, I have been unable to even come up with basic Christmas money. Of course having teenagers basic Christmas is not quite what having toddlers means. I remember one year giving my youngest a notepad and colored pencils and she thought she had it made.. now she wants an ipod and tickets to Wicked..

Oh well life goes on and we will be together.. we will have something to be grateful for and we will be healthy.. so all in all Christmas will be pretty darn good.


  1. Wait... Did you just say a week?

    Oh no! I lost a whole week being sick! Now I have to get in crafting overdrive...

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  3. Teenager's toys are definitely a lot more expensive than toddler toys! I miss those easy 'notebook and colored pencils' days!