Monday, December 8, 2008

I Just Love Football

I love football, especially college football. Each weekend I try and watch as many games as possible, I enjoy trying to figure out who will go to the bowl games (although my heart always remains with USC) which teams will vie for the national championship and which one will actually win. This year has been especially fun the wonkiness of the big 12 their means of deciding which team is their best. The fact that the Pac 10 shoots itself in the foot every year and allows SC to dominate year after year after year...

Some years the choice of who goes to the national game is just wrong, others well it is laughable, this year?? well they may have actually gotten it right.. I know I plan on enjoying the game immensely. And the Rose Bowl should be equally exciting and I am thrilled that it is Ohio State playing in either opportunity. I am a bit irked that they made it to the fiesta bowl and figure that game should be a snoozer, watching the Longhorns destroy them. Oh yeah did I mention I cant stand The Ohio State football team?

As the regular season of college football winds down I can only say.. I am thrilled at least that there is basketball still going on. Already on pins and needles for the final four.

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