Monday, December 22, 2008

Something That Caught My Eye

Doing what I lovingly refer to as the 300, I ran across an interesting blog. Yes, I ran across a lot of interesting blogs. I always feel guilty saying just one caught my attention, sorry tangent. Anyway a Spicy Bugz World wrote a really good article on the shoe throwing incident.

She made some excellent points, this man good, bad or indifferent is the president of the United States of America. He represents all of us, for someone to think that it is acceptable to throw shoes at our president is deplorable. No, he shouldn't be drawn and quartered, hanged, or even slapped upside the head. What he should be is ashamed. While we may be going about it wrong, or not.. we gave him a chance at freedom. Take the opportunity and do something with it. Make your world a better place do not throw things at someone who removed total oppression from your life and gave you the chance to throw shoes.

I am an American and damned proud of it. We are a nation of strong individuals who have worked hard to become who and what we are. Every day more and more people rush our borders to have the same chances I have been given. Yes there are other great countries out there. Yes national pride is a good thing but come on.. how come it is ok for others to be proud of their countries but when we do it we are arrogant Americans? Have you ever spoken to someone from say.. Russia.. the motherland... or France?? enough said (says the girl who is of French descent and very proud of her heritage). It is only us, the Americans who receive international scorn for being proud of our country..

We are not a perfect nation but i defy anyone to tell me of one that is better... that gives as much, helps as often, offers a better chance... and yes, I know, I too am gonna get reamed for this.. And honestly, there are some who are going to have to stand up and defend their country.. which they should. But in my opinion this is a great place to live.. (and my life has been hit pretty hard over the past few years) I would rather be poor in America than rich in most other countries.

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