Thursday, December 1, 2011

SO I Get eMails from Payless

Being a single parent whose children have feet... I have always looked for the best pricing on shoes. When they were little and I wanted to care for their feet to make sure they were properly supported.. my mom bought their shoes (thank you mom, cuz otherwise they would have been barefoot) but as they turned teen and had a need for more than one or two pairs.. Cuz seriously, a girl needs more than one pair of shoes.. I started going to payless..

A few years ago, I realized that I only owned two pair of shoes myself so of course I started shopping there myself.. Now I get regular updates!! And while they are not Christian Louboutin they do have some really awesome shoes.. I find myself in lust.. I want these boots.. 

Seriously are they gorgeous or what? I can not help it I am a serious shoe girl.. If I had my way I would have closets full of shoes. I totally understand why women spend all their money on shoes.. those crazy ladies w/the rooms just for their shoes? That would be me if I had money... Good thing God made me poor

Just a little something light.. hope you have a fantastic day!!


  1. I like Payless shoes too. And I like that Em and I wear a size close to each other so we can share boots. Other shoes--not so much, but if the boots are a little big on me it isn't a big deal. This pretty much doubles our shoe collection being that we can share sometimes.

  2. Yeah the girls and I can share as well.. Although they buy the ugliest shoes and it always seems to be mine that we share.. We do have problems w/boots though cuz, even thin (which I have admitted I am not) I have large calves..