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Demon Possesion (Shadow Quest Book 1) , A Review

As I may have stated a time or two I have this wonderful site called Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy that I work on with two amazing ladies... I may be a tad biased but I think it is a pretty awesome site.. go ahead, check it out... We have so much stuff going on over there and I read so very fast, sometimes there isn't room for my reviews.. So I decided to post an occasional review here! One of the initial reasons I started this blog so that I would be able to write reviews... *Grins* yeah I know any reason to give my opinions...

This Review of Demon Possesion is actually posted at Bodice Rippers feel free to check it out.. But I decided to post it here as well..

Special thanks to my friend Kimmie over at GoodReads for having this book on her TBR List. Since I started snagging books from her, I have found some really great ones!

Demon Possession is book 1 in Kiersten Fay's Shadow Quest Series and I must say.. Finally!!! A new premise!! Set mostly aboard the space ship Maradas in deep space. It’s a story of greed, revenge, salvation and redemption, oh yeah and finding love especially when you aren’t looking for it, don’t want it and would really rather live without it.. On Ms Fay’s website she describes The Shadow Quest Series as “her steamy romance series called Shadow Quest, based loosely on mythology and lore, with a little sci-fi thrown in”. I don’t usually use quotes from an author’s website but this tickled me and it was incredibly accurate.

Analia has no clue who she is, all she knows is she looks different than any species she has ever heard of and has some wicked freaky powers that others have been known to kill for. Alone, with nothing but vague memories and the occasional delusion she has been kept chained, starved, tortured and abused for centuries all she wants is freedom. When the chance for escape comes she takes it.. fearing every step of the way. Sneaking aboard the closest ship, she stows away thinking to escape at their next stop. After weeks of starvation and months of near starvation she has used her last bit of energy to make it aboard the Maradas before crawling into the nearest cubby and collapsing.

Sebastion is a demon from a destroyed planet. What little that is left of is people are either enslaved or scattered but he is blessed to have both his brother and his sister with him as well as a hodge podge of others who have drifted to his service over the years. Captain of the merchant ship Maradas, he has accepted a unique cargo that must be delivered with no stops between accepting and deliverance. No one on, No one off.. A stubborn, sexy, loyal demon all he wants is the right to survive.

Once Sebastian finds Analia, several weeks into the trip... sparks fly! He is wildly attractive to his little stow away and has no clue what to do with her. She is used to being abused whenever it strikes the fancy of her former “Master” she is terrified by Sebastian's very strength.. and yet she is drawn to him and the wonderful world he introduces her to. Ms Fay, does a wonderful job describing just how someone who has never seen anything, would react. To her joyful pleasure at seeing and waving to a child to her decadent response to chocolate, Ms Fay’s writing was a sensuous delight.

Analia is what I would call a pure character.. in spirit and action.. She has depths of rage and anger but no malice.. All she wants is to be free and it really is wonderful watching this amazing character evolve into a position of strength, drawing Sebastian’s cast of characters into her circle of friendship. It isn’t long before she is the very heart of the ship.

Sebastian and Analia must deliver the package and escape from the man who would enslave her. Who bargained with a betrayer and took her from her family. Along the way, they learn what depth one will go to, to save love. They also, find trails that lead to Analia’s mysterious past and find that their enemies are the same.

A powerful book of acceptance.. Sebastian must accept that Analia will not betray him and Analia must accept Sebastian with her very self.. her inner core of power. I really enjoyed this book, it pulls at the imagination and makes you wonder, what if...


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