Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This is Just TOO Fun

I always said that if I marry again, the ceremony would be a fun one.. Something to enjoy and maybe goof off a little. Like dancing down the aisle or when asked who gives this woman my children would all stand up and say we do and it's about time.. or finally get her off our hands.. or maybe just a hop to Vegas and an Elvis Impersonator.. not sure but fun!!

I love how this bride chose to incorporate her favorite soccer team into her wedding dress!!

Manchester City are no slouches when it comes to peddling merch: sky blue toothbrushes, gnomes and electric guitars are just some of the random garish nonsense available at the club shop. One area where the club's marketeers have missed a trick, however, is bridal wear. When 38-year-old City fan Karen Bell (presumably no relation to Manchester legend Colin Bell) decided to tie the knot with fellow Citizen Simon, she snubbed the traditional white wedding dress and got creative with some of his old jerseys. The Manchester Evening News reports:
"We wanted to do something different because we have both been married before." Karen spent three weeks at a sewing machine armed with a collection of Simon's Blues shirts from the 80s and onwards.
"It was a labour of love," she said. "I was at the sewing machine six nights a week."
After the ceremony, when most couples might put themselves on a plane pointed towards a luxurious beach resort, Karen and Simon headed straight to the Etihad Stadium, where they watched Kun Aguero and co. put three past Stoke.
Considering it's made of brightly colored sports garments collected over the past 30 years, it actually looks reasonably tasteful. But the look of the dress isn't the entire point: what greater display of commitment is there than for a man to sacrifice his entire collection of beloved football jerseys? *Dirty Tackle, Yahoo Sports

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