Friday, December 16, 2011

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!!

New attorneys for sleazeball Jerry Sandusky have come up with this defense.. He was teaching them how to shower.. showing them how to put soap on their bodies? Seriously? Please, raise your hand if you even remotely think this is conceivable.

Honestly? This was a grown man who was alive during the age of child molestation? Sure it has happened since the dawn of time.. but in my lifetime it has come to light as the horrid abuse that it is.. for at least the last 30 years we have been taught that we don't have to accept anything that we find uncomfortable... even if it just seems iffy.. 

I have actually refused to let a man drive teenage girls home without another adult in the car with him... Not because I had any qualms about the man.. but because I understand today's society.. all it takes is one word and a person can be ruined.. if not legally, then via the media and public opinion.. Since that is the case.. wouldn't someone who lead an entire charity be aware of just how cautious he should be? Honestly, would he not understand that he must appear as Ceasar's wife, above reproach? Would he not understand that however innocent such actions might be he can not even appear to do wrong? And believe me Jerry buddy, this "appeared" to be wrong... 

The man is an idiot.. there is no defense and every time he opens his mouth... well.....


  1. And it is not just him!! OMG, I read one witness account and I nearly threw up. This whole thing is unbelievable--that so many people saw and did NOTHING to help these children. Sick--on many levels. May they all burn in hell.

  2. It breaks my heart!!

    I don't understand.. and his latest power play.. I am so impressed by these young me who finally stood up and said enough is enough..