Monday, December 19, 2011


I am seriously confused! I live in the Chicago area... you know home of Da Bears? Yesterday they were humiliated by the Seattle Seahawks. Our offense was pathetic, our best receiver was injured.. in a way that could be life altering.. he is having back surgery today and we all know what that means. Oh sure he is expected to recover and play again but still BACK SURGERY. Last week one of our players was arrested because he wanted to become the top drug dealer in the Chicago land area... and what is the top sports news? Tim Tebow lost... 

Not only is that the top news of the day... it's said with glee... he is obviously not the chosen one after all. Ha ha.. he is a looser.. I don't get it. He actually played well and his team fell apart around him.. as opposed to him falling apart and his team held it together. It doesn't matter either way.. It's the malicious glee.. It's the fact that the media wants him to fail in the worst way. It's the fact that a decent hard working Christian Male is slammed... constantly.. He doesn't force his beliefs on the rest of the world.. he just stands by them, tries to live up to them.. He is a good and decent man who works really really hard!! 

Here we finally have a sports figure that SHOULD be used as a role model and the media is too busy gleefully tearing him down.. He goes to work early and stays late. He prepares for his job relentlessly, watches tapes.... does everything he can to get better at his job and all we hear is he is a looser... he will never make it.. he has no chance.. hmmmm... WOW!!! 

Please let's fall at the feet of the Michael Vick's and the Sam Hurds or wait DONTE STOLLWORTH.. he KILLED A MAN!! While driving drunk, he hit a man in a crosswalk and the man died.. Mr Stollworth got 30 days in jail... and is still playing in the NFL.. or how about Braylon Edwards? hmmm 9 days wonder all..

It isn't that I am not a fan of redemption it's just that I resent the desire to tear down a young man who wants nothing more than to do his best, works hard, behaves in a respectful manner and doesn't complain... and then make heroes of these inferior men. How messed up are we? To be so confused? To think that Tim Tebow is bad? That he is lacking? Someone is... I just don't think it's Timmy...


  1. Shauni....where you at? I LIVE in Chicago too!! We are sooooo gonna have to meet for coffee!! I'm in the south suburbs.

    I don't know a thing about the Bears--don't care much for football, so we are gonna have to talk about something else when we get together. :)

  2. @Lin, I am in Elmhurst.. used to be Bensenville, although I am the very edge of B'ville and Elmhurst..