Sunday, December 18, 2011

Celebrate Tuesdays!!

Yes, I know it's Sunday

A while ago I read a book and I am not sure who wrote it.. It could have been Nora Roberts or Jayne Ann Krentz both amazing authors.. But who wrote it doesn't really matter. What matters is this one phrase.. Celebrate Tuesdays

The leads were working on an ad campaign (about wine I think which is why it leads me to believe this was NR's The Villa) and they wanted to say hey, sit back have relax and have a glass of wine.. for no particular reason.. Celebrate Tuesdays.. Enjoy what you have!!

I forget that!! All the time and yet Celebrate Tuesdays is one of the quotes I often repeat in my head. Yes, I am carry around a handful of quotes from my favorite books that kinda declare who I am.. 

Quotes like..

What have I got in my pocket?

Do you like my hat?

and .....

Some animals are more equal than others...

and to add to those illustrious three.. Celebrate Tuesdays!!

I am one who always tries to top things.. I have silent competitions with myself.. to see if I can win.. that's not so bad but I can be a sore looser.. *grins*  I forget that sometimes others put their sweat and tears into something and they too would just like to Celebrate Tuesdays!! I am working hard on remembering!! 

oh yeah just for the heck of it.. does anyone know where my three favorite quotes came from? 


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