Friday, December 9, 2011


As a resident of Illinois I can only look at this weeks news with a certain amount of glee.. Yes that's right GLEE!! I am so happy to see this sorry excuse for a governor receive appropriate punishment.

I do have to say though I did not feel betrayed by him, don't get me wrong I was totally disgusted by his actions but sadly not surprised. This man from the very moment he took office used it like his own personal servants system. He was elected governor then refused to move to Springfield because his daughter, then around 7 didn't want to leave her friends.. Well shoot, I bet there are thousands of military kids who feel the same way and yet they move over and over and over again. So he refused to move down to Springfield.. can you believe this he COMMUTED.. yeah that's right he flew back and forth on a sometimes daily basis (so he could have family time) all on the taxpayers dime.

You have to figure if he did this there was plenty of other crap going on that we were totally clueless about.. and yet he was re elected.. that scared me.. made me worry about what the average voter in Illinois was thinking. Part of me, was almost apathetic when Blago was arrested.. I mean he was a corrupt, self important little man and we elected him twice to lead the state.. why? Cuz he was young and good looking? Sad fact of life.. we like young and we like attractive, heaven forbid we look for intelligence and ethics and commitment and devotion to service.. NAH.. what good would that do us? oh, I know it might get us out of the mess we are in!

Anyway... BYE BYE BLAGO.. you won't be missed..

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  1. Now if we can only get the rest of the crooks in Illinois government!!!