Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OCD and the Every Day Life

I have never considered myself a neat freak.. seriously, there are those who have classified me as domestically challenged. Don't get me wrong.. I KNOW how to clean a house.. I know how to make it so clean you can eat off the floors and brush your teeth from the toilet water.. and never feel like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww... not that I ever have cuz, well EWWWWWWWWW!! But my mother is such a neat freak all her pencils go the same way in her pencil drawer.. and that was while raising four children.. Or here's one, she combs the fringe on her rugs.. (note to all, just asked what grandma's rugs were called as in Oriental or Arabian and blond girl responded ANNOYING)... Honestly though, if the kids, including my now 4 yr old nephew mess up the fringe.. they have to comb it so it lays right. Every single one of us have learned to STEP OVER the fringe while walking. As a child, I would sometimes come home to all my underwear dumped into the middle of the room, why? Cuz it hadn't been folded right in my drawer.. seriously? There is a right way to fold underwear?

I have always been considered the messy one, now how messy can a person get when her underwear drawer gets dumped out? So I have no idea how they formed that conclusion when I was little, but I will conceded that they were right. I have never understood the need to make a bed.. I mean I understand cleaning the living room, kitchens and bathroom, guest rooms all that.. but your bedroom is your sanctuary and no one should be in there unless invited.. makes perfect sense to me... 

I tell you this because I am astounded by the fact that I have serious OCD.. my friends actually laugh at me.. How can someone as eclectically messy as I am have OCD? Well, it's easy... here are a few of my rather unique oddities..

1 I hate odd numbers.. everything must be in even numbers unless they are multiples of 5 cuz well that's different. By everything, I really do mean everything. 
         A. Take M&M's for example.. I open a pack... divided it by colors then 
         eat  them two at a time.. when the colors stop matching I make 
         "family"   pairs.. I create the correct color combination.
          B. Or better yet, Lucky Charms.. I eat as many of the cereal pieces as
          I can, avoiding as many of the marshmallow pieces as possible. Then 
          when all the cereal pieces are gone, I eat the marshmallow pieces.. that's
          right, by twos... the same way I eat M&M's

2. My closets.. honestly I don't care if the laundry gets put away or not.. BUT IF IT DOES.. all clothes must be hung up, light to dark, short sleeves to long sleeves... shirts to dresses.. 

3. And for the really insane part. . you should see my banking system.. when I do it right.. I literally create several different accounts.. one for rent, one for utilities, one for food, one for clothes, one for car, one for entertainment... if I put it all in one account the money disappears. If I split it up the minute I get the check? Well then suddenly I have money left over... How can that be? I start with the same amount of money!

4. Or, here's a fun one... My filing system.. I file and I mean seriously file!! I file my emails, my paperwork.. everything!! It's another case of it can stay on my desk forever but once it get's put away it has to be put away in an exact manner... 

5. And finally, dishes.. yes it's true, I have been known to take the dishes down and put them back correctly... 

6. OHHHHHHH and don't even get me started on spreadsheets.. I ADORE spreadsheets..

Now explain to me please how someone who willing admits to suffer from serious domestic challenges.. can be this OCD?

Just thought I would share some of my insanity with you all..


  1. I must say you are not the only one who is a sentimental freak with anything and everything. I've seen my sister being so particular almost about anything she does, she just wants things to be very well organised and kept neatly. Sometimes it looks so silly to me, because she even is very particular about how a bed sheet should be neatly put on a bed and she would make sure that the same corner always goes on the same side.

  2. well I um would move them around.. cuz I wouldn't want the other corners to get their feelings hurt.. ok, I am shutting up now