Friday, December 30, 2011

A Conversation on Twitter Reminded me...

I have a Twitter and blog friend Amanda from Parnanormal Romance Novels We chat both on my twitter account as me @Shauni_46 and on my account for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy @Bodice_Rippers and have had some very indepth discussions in 144 characters or less. Yeah I know hard to believe. So she brought up how cute it was to see a man in the romance section at the bookstore.. and it reminded me

Years ago, my ex used to buy me books.. now let me explain the man was the absolute WORST gift giver in the world. Oh he sorta kinda tried but he never got it.. like he would be out buying, gas, beer, groceries..whatever and think hey.. maybe I could get Shauni a treat so invariably he would come home with either Rocky Road Ice Cream or a Three Muskateers Bar.. kudos for the thought. Now, it's not that I dislike either of those things but they are not my favorites.. they are HIS.. One year he got me this HUGE stereo system for Christmas, he paid well over a thousand dollars for it in say 1988 so it was a pretty penny. The problem? I would have been happy with a transistor radio as I am not huge music fan, um he is.. Yeah his solution is to buy what he would like cuz well he liked it so obviously I would too. Now enough background.

He used to buy me books.. and as I have stated many times I love Romance Books.. but I am very very picky. I have preferences.. I like PNR but hate traditional Vampire. I like sensual but erotic or graphic sex bores me. I like when a woman has choices but bed hoping turns me off.. Of course he didn't know any of this.. he would bring me home a romance book.. you know pick one off the shelf and then not understand why I didn't read it. It took me years to explain (and I am still not sure that he gets it) that there are different authors, subgenres all that stuff.. ph yeah did I mention I prefer reading books by authors who actually knew how to form a sentence? I finally used music, his one true love to explain. I said how would you feel if Eric Clapton came out with a new CD and I bought you Motley Crue? I mean they are both music CD's what's the difference? I think he almost saw the light.

With that particular background whenever I see a man in the Romance Section I try really hard to offer help. I smile, kinda browse around, make myself available, make eye contact.. then eventually just ask do you need some help? I must admit it is just plain funny. The scenarios usually go something like this.

Me: Can I help you?

Poor Guy: Well my wife likes romance and I wanted to get one for her...

Me: Well, what does she like?

Poor Guy: I just told you Romance?

Me: Yes, I know but Paranormal, Urban, Mystery, Historical *grins* and of course Historical has all those time periods, Time Traveling, Scotland??

By this time his eyes have glazed over and true panic has set in...

Poor Guy: But, but, but..... there is all that?

Me: Does she have a favorite author? 

Poor Guy: Um, well, sure...

Me: OK, who?

Poor Guy: Um... (he is sweating now and starting to look a little green)

Me: Well try this one (Hands him a Nora Roberts Book) Always a safe bet.. but may I suggest that you get a piece of paper and start writing down her favorite authors, keep it with you.. Books are like.. Music (yes I learned) there are all different types of genres even within the main genre.. 

Poor Guy: Gee thanks lady... I don't know what I would have done without you but my wife is sure gonna be happy...

There is no guarantee about that but I have to think wow.. he made and effort.. and I hear all you ladies out there who read about the ice cream, three muskateers and wrong books.. he did try.. he wasn't all bad.. *grinsi

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  1. So Awesome! I've helped some other women but never a man, I would LOVE to see that convo in a book isle. hehe