Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TurnBack Tuesday

Hmmm.. I got this picture today.. it's a picture of Blond girl.. BUT those are my arms in the background.. I am thinking I want those arms again..

After years of internal debate I am fed up.. I have to do something about how I look. I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror and heaven forbid I get a picture taken.. So... I have decided I am going to get my arms back...

Yes folks.. I am holding myself accountable and going to post my weight loss journey here.. While I can not really turnback time I can turn it back enough that I have the shape I used to.. Since my shape is so well.. round.. right now no matter where I end up.. will be a shape I used to have.

I am not going to post my actual weight or how much I want to loose.. well not until I actually loose it BUT I will be posting weekly pictures and stuff..

So to start it off.. this is what I look like NOW..

Yeah that is me sitting in front.. I actually allowed my kids to take a picture with me in it.. grrr.. next year it will look way better!!


  1. You are NOT round, silly girl! Well, I like that you are working towards getting healthy--I need to do that as well. Once we start eating right and being more healthy, then the pounds will come off. Make sure you drink a lot of water--it helps!!

    I'll encourage you on your adventure, pally! And DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF!!

  2. Thanks Lin..

    I am a firm believer in the three W's diet.. Walking, Water and Watching What you eat.. I just have to do all of the above!!

    I started the Walking thing today.. 20 whole minutes.. thought I was gonna die!