Sunday, November 27, 2011

Music is Alive and Well

I spent Thanksgiving with my family at Hair Boy's this year.. it was a wonderful event and yeah I most certainly have a lot to be grateful for.. The list is endless and most of it circles around my four amazing kids but that is for another blog..

What I want to write about is something I learned. Hair Boy is an amazing musician and has started on his life's path of creating his own. He has direction and goals something he did not inherit from either his father or myself as we are both loaded with talent and have NO drive..

ANYHOW... Hair Boy had a show Friday night.. it was fabulous.. in this room above a bar.. 4 acts.. with amazing music with French Lyrics played in between sets. Yeah I want that CD.. didn't think to ask who it was of course. The thing that made me happy, other than the fact that he dedicated his show to me.. was the fact that Indie music is alive and well. I had honestly thought that that era was gone. That everyone was mainstreamed and totally boring.. but no, there is an entire culture out there with wonderful music.. wanting to share.

One of the artists was a young lady named Haley Jane She had this wicked wit along with a beautiful voice, excellent presentation and soul searching lyrics.. I would most happily purchase her music which you can do so Here.

I completely enjoyed the atmospheric room, the great music and the sometimes intellectual conversations about music. I also liked watching the way the kids were dressed. From Classic Rock to Steampunk it was great! It taught me that there is hope for those who dream. That if you search for it you will find what you are looking for. You just have to be willing to fail.. and not afraid to try..

I am so going out to find the Indie poets and writers I want to be a part of this..

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