Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sandusky just totally gives me the heebie jeebies.. This is his defense? We were horsing around? On what planet is this acceptable? Sandusky.... Adult... vs 10yr old CHILD!!

I had decided to put this behind me not beat it into the ground but the man is an idiot! He needs to shut up and listen to his lawyers.. maybe they will just lock him in a hole for life that way.. otherwise someone is gonna go ballistic on him.

I am a mother of sons.. more than that, the mother of sons whose father was not in the picture.. and yes.. they found male mentors.. Paul Mackey, Andy Armentano, Dave Davis, Dave Toler... I can add more but those four were HUGE influences in my children's lives.. and not ONE OF THEM horsed around naked with them in the showers!!

Each and every one of them got it.. mentor yes.. naked shower play NO! Yes there was comradery! Yes there was goofing around! But these men knew that there were lines not to be crossed. Thank GOD!! that my boys were lucky enough to find such amazing men to show them what a REAL MAN is.

Of course there are the responsibilities of the parent.. believe me each of them knew me as well.. and there is not a doubt in any of our minds just what I would have done had they even considered betraying my trust and behaving inappropriately with my children. AND My sons knew to come to me.. there are some secrets we just don't keep!! I was not a perfect mom.. go ahead and ask my kids, I understand there is a list longer than Santa's as to what I have done wrong.. but no one and I mean NO ONE was ever going to mess with my babies..

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  1. Sadly...he is trying to justify his actions...as those of a 'loving' coach......and the people can see right thru his charade...