Thursday, November 10, 2011

And Yet I Doubt!

As many of you know, financially my life has not been what I can call secure.. even when at it's best it was a constant struggle to raise four kids in today's world and to well be able to pay for it. We have muddled through.. but there are times when I wonder if we are going to make it. We ALWAYS do..

For some reason, my child support checks were yet again going absent.. you must understand on very few occasions has it been the ex's fault. The gov't garnishes his wages so when he works, I get paid. And to be fair.. the man worked!! He gave all of his best parts to his job.. of course when the economy tanked.. he lost his job.. got it back as a temp and then lost it again.. so now we are dealing with unemployment and the temporary agency's need to contest said unemployment.. I have a problem with that, but that is a different story.

I was unable to contact him, so I went and tracked him down.. understand that we don't have a bad relationship all things considered.. you know, I do all the work and he pays what the gov't makes him.. anyway, I found him and he is not looking good. It kind of hurt because this was just a beautiful man and to see what alcohol has done to him, hurts..ok.. still not the point.

When I found him, he explained that his money was on hold and who knows when he would see unemployment again.. ok.. life sucks but I can deal, seriously I only have until July anyway.

I came home and was told, the bill that needed to be paid.. TODAY.. was paid.. how? Well PITA Boy paid it.. I was confused, I knew he had no money.. well seems like he got paid a day early.. I know.. to many this is not a miracle.. but think about it.. I had a need.. and God provided.. what exactly would you call it?

I have often in my life failed God... but HE HAS NEVER FAILED ME!!


  1. You said: " I know.. to many this is not a miracle.. but think about it.. I had a need.. and God provided.. what exactly would you call it? "

    While your own experience with child support seems rather tame, my own experience was exactly the opposite! I was a single parent of three small children... my own ex-wife refused to pay anything - even when making almost double what I did... and the courts virtually refused to do anything about it at all, since she was a woman.

    Consequently, I had to struggle just to: Pay rent, Child Care, Car Payments, Car Insurance, Make Necessary Repairs, etc.... At times we went without many actual necessities; and at least once, we were truthfully homeless because of this fact.

    However, Yahweh blessed me greatly throughout the entire experience! Today, I have a 5,000 square foot home... a house full of very nice furnishings... and three beautiful children that resent me; but always run to daddy when trouble comes knocking.

    Meanwhile, she has virtually nothing of any real value... a serious drug and alcohol habit... and three beautiful children that will do almost anything for her.

  2. AMEN, He will never fail us!

    God bless,