Friday, June 5, 2009

A Week of Interesting Days

Last week I know I told you all about how I barely made my payment in time and saved all my stuff. Ends up I didn't, the storage company took my money AND sold my stuff at the same time. It seems they happened at pretty much the same time. I was devestated but dealt with it as I could.

The next day a gentleman called me and let me know if I wanted my personal stuff I was welcome to it.. just come clear it out.. If I could come up with 800.00 then I could have it all back. Remember I had just forked over 400.00 which I hadn't gotten back yet. Needless to say, I couldn't get the money and I made arrangements to come get my stuff. For one reason or another we kept missing each other.. I began calling the poor guy every half an hour or so. Finally I said I would stop pestering him just call me when he was ready and I would be there. Sunday passes, I called on Monday left a message.. Tuesday passes, Wednesday passes.. Thursday I finally gave up hope. I told the kids what was going on and we all had a good cry.

This morning, I got a call.. meet me at storage.. The amazing thing is I got to keep most of my stuff. Oh there are a few things I am going to need to negotiate for and some I wont be able to get back at all.. but in general.. He left most of the furniture, the Christmas stuff, the pictures, the framed kids artwork, a few handmade items.. He kept the computer (an old Dell), the stereos (one is 11 years old the other 5) and the tv's... any electronic stuff and the baseball cards (ouch). But in the end I came out on top..Well on top would have been keeping it all..

After going through it all, I realized I had a lot of crap... this was not a bad thing after all..


  1. It's all on how you look at it, Shauni. Maybe he did you a favor cleaning out the crud. In the end, what matters are those photos and momentos that cannot be replaced with any amount of money. TV's and stereos get outdated, furniture gets musty in storage and let him keep the baseball cards--they aren't worth what they were a few years back. Karma, baby, karma. Just be glad you got some of it.

  2. So sorry to hear you had to go through this. Lin is right, at least you got the photos and sentimental items. Karma will get him for treating people like that, don't worry.

  3. Actually he treated me pretty darn decent. It isn't his fault for buying the locker. It is mine for not paying on time, it is the big manager for not giving me the few minutes when he knew I was paying. The one person who absolutely isnt to blame is the man who bought the locker.. The way I see it, when we met all the stuff in the locker was his and he GAVE me all of what I have. Looked at that way, I was given an amazing gift..