Monday, June 1, 2009

Piggy Poop and the Environment

I was reading the news yesterday and I cam across the most interesting article. It seems some farmers in Europe have found a way to well recycle piggie poop, they eliminate the methane gas that damages the environment, run their farms and send energy back along the grid. It seems the piggies actually poop in a certain place which sends it down a chute (yes piggies can be semi domesticated and for lack of better term house trained) Come on admit it you are laughing..

The thing is everyone was wondering if this would eventually just be another way for rich countries to buy carbon credits and say they are more energy efficient. and of course this alone will help but not fix the problem.. and that makes me think, yes it will not fix the problem but it will help it and if everyone does one thing to help the situation think how much farther along we would be.

For my part I have to think.. Remember when Al Gore said we have less than a decade to reverse the problem? I know many think he is being hysterical and over dramatic and that he is wrong but my question is... What if he is right? For that reason alone everyone should do what they can..

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