Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Average American Woman

Word Girl likes to watch America's Next Top Model... Now that Oxygen has it in marathon form on Sundays she will watch an entire season in one day. She laughs at the antics and doesn't take it too seriously but I find it rather annoying. Not the reality TV show concept because face it that is the American mentality these days. No it is the fact that they still say thin is in..

Face it folks the average American woman is a size 12 (and that size 12 is actually two sizes bigger than the size 12's of my youth). Since the average woman is a 12 wouldn't it be nice to see a similar size on the magazines? Do you realize in the world of modeling a plus size woman is a size 8 - 12? Plus size?? size 8?? now blond girl is a size 7/8 with nice hips, flat tummy and shapely legs.. I only wish on my best day I looked like this.. but she is a plus size.. What are we telling our girls?

My girls are fortunately aware of who and what they are as individuals but still it is hard to have a positive self esteem when society is slamming it down their throats that they are fat.. Wake up folks we have been destroying self esteems since the 60's and twiggy and personally I always thought she was ucky looking.. and I gave up on things when I read an article saying Mariyn Monroe was fat.. Hello, Marilyn Monroe?? FAT?? she was gorgeous.. maybe we need to be less size absorbed and more health absorbed. The more we tell healthy looking girls that they are fat the more likely they are to become so.. or at least have an eating disorder of some kind..

Stops for a second, looks around and calming steps off my soapbox.. sorry but this is what one could say is a pet peave of mine


  1. We watched the Tony Awards tonight. I was so surprised when the Broadway cast of "Mama Mia" took then stage and I saw the plus size Gina Ferrall was on stage as Rosie in one of those one piece jumpsuits from the 70's. I had to google to find out the proud plus sized gal who wears that outfit every day. You go girl!

  2. Hey, I linked you today. Thanks for the wisdom!

  3. you are so right! I'm so sick of having to compete with mags and ANTM type shows for my daughters' ears over this. Don't want them to waste as much time as I have - I could have written 100 books now with all that time :) Have a nice day!