Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Dawn

So life has once again gotten interesting... these past two years have been dark, very dark a difficult place for me to be. Me the woman who honestly believes that there is always good, always a silver lining, the glass is always (just a bit over half full)...

I have been known to drive those who know me completely bonkers with what they call my inability to face reality. What they don't understand it isn't not facing reality it is refusing to let reality run my life.. I mean I know my life is difficult, I know I have been a single mother raising four kids on her own for 12 years now. I know life has been a series of bad choices and rotten luck for many of them. But I also know I have met some amazing and wonderful people along the way. I know I have faced my demons and walked away from them. I know that I would not have done so had my life been different. So I choose to rejoice!! I choose to be grateful for what I have no longer wallow in what I have not!

I firmly believe the true miracles in our lives come not from grand sweeping gestures from God (and yes I have had those) but in the fact that tomorrow the sun will still come up. That eventually I will have worked my way out of these troubles and found joy in my accomplishment. That I remembered to lift my burdens to God along the way, that I remembered that I am not in charge merely along for the ride and that I have been given an amazing gift of the life I have. If that makes me an idealist, one who lives in fantasyland.. then hello fantasyland!! cuz I am so not leaving..


  1. It's good only if that is working for you, Shauni. If being positive and glossing over the negative is helping you get ahead, solving the problems that need to be addressed, and getting done what needs to be done for you and the kids--then so be it. If "Pollyanna" isn't doing that--then you need to rethink your attitude.

    There are always going to be naysayers and those who disagree with the way we do things--God knows I've got a line of those a mile long. Just make a double check that what they are saying isn't a tad bit true and move on.

    I'm always wishing you the best of luck. And "Pollyanna" works for some people--I know a few myself.

  2. Lin,

    If you knew just how many times I have been called Pollyanna.. The thing is I don't deny it is happening, I don't deny that things are bad. I just refuse to let them win and when I attempted to be otherwise is when I mentally crashed and burned. I think you hit the nail on the head. It is about how each individual is made... expecting them to behave in a manner contrary to themselves is what causes the damage.