Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been Absent of Late

Sorry all I haven't meant to just disappear, I have just been away from the blogs.. I am not sure what happened but it seems life just took over for a few days. I meant to stop in, I meant to say hello, visit some blogs and leave my thoughts and comments and yet I just got busy.

I was a bit irked when I realized that thursday had passed and I missed Lola's blog back thursday blog.. I really enjoy writing that one and yes I realize I could do it now but that just seems to be cheating.

I guess I have been caught up in reading lately as several of my authors have books coming out. Most are part of a series so I have to read those first to catch up on what is happening so when the new book comes out I have a clue...

Goodness knows I haven't been child rearing as they are gone.. yes gone.. Blond Girl is off to CA, Word Girl has TWO jobs, Pita Boy has two positions with the same company and Hair Boy has a life (as well as a job)..

I am seriously gonna get out and do something if it ever stops raining...

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! And never apologize for actually having a real life..someday I might have one

    Now get off here and go catch up on your reading!